is an organization dedicated to helping consumers, food makers and grocers learn about the many environmental and economic benefits of bulk foods.

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The Bulk is Green Council (BIG), the leading organization dedicated to educating shoppers on the economical and environmental benefits of shopping the bulk aisles, has launched its retailer recruitment for the fifth annual National Bulk Foods Week. The celebration is scheduled for October 11-17 in the bulk aisles of grocery stores and natural food co-ops across the nation. National Bulk Foods Week represents the organization’s highest-profile initiative, and the growing number of participating retailers each year – last year more than 1,400 retailers took part – points to the growing trend of shopping the bulk bins. (9/30/2015)
Bulk Is Green Council announces Fresh Market, Store #105 as the 1st place winner in support of National Bulk Week. (3/19/2014)
What’s the smartest way to go about an expansion? How do you determine the right spot for a new location or the products and services to feature in an enlarged retail space? And how do you know if it’s really time to grow? Joel Warner gets industry insight from natural food veterans. (8/9/2013)