BIG is an organization dedicated to helping consumers, food makers and grocers learn about the many environmental and economic benefits of bulk foods.


Why bulk is a great idea for your store!

Better prices. With increasing food prices, organic bulk foods cost the consumer on average 89% less than similar packaged foods.  But your margin likely remains the same or is even higher. Lower prices bring you more customers.

Higher density. With bulk, you can pack more products into less store space and give your customers greater selection. To make the move to bulk is almost like expanding your store, but without the expense. Typically, 100 SKUs can be accommodated in a 16’ dispensing system.

Easier rotation. Packaged products require more labor than bulk. To maintain a policy of first-in-first-out, (FIFO), for example, shelf replenishment requires that older product be pulled from the shelf, new product to be placed at back of shelf, and then older product be put at the front of the shelf. With a gravity-fed bulk bin, however, FIFO occurs “automatically.” The first product in is the first product out. And re-stocking is a simple matter of pouring product into a bin.

Better merchandising. Bulk puts more products at eye level. Think about it; what’s more appealing? A huge clear container of candy right before your eyes, or several shelves of candy packages?

Building loyalty. Any grocery store can carry the major packaged goods, and most of them do. So why would a customer choose your store over another? Good question. With bulk foods, you can create a difference between you and the competition. And because bulk food customers are devoted to bulk foods, you can build customer loyalty. A recent survey showed that 60% of natural foods shoppers polled indicated if their bulk sections were removed from their favorite stores, they would shop elsewhere.

Think green! Packaged food goods require significantly more transportation to bring to shelf. The manufacture of packages pulls trees from our forests, dumps contaminated water into our streams, uses enormous amounts of energy and shoots tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. Plus, packaging is a burden on our landfills. With bulk foods, you’ll be a better environmental citizen!