BIG is an organization dedicated to helping consumers, food makers and grocers learn about the many environmental and economic benefits of bulk foods.

Council Board

Our board of directors is made up of food industry leaders who are passionate about the environment and living well.

Bulk is Green Council Members 2010

Clint Landis, Frontier Natural Products
Frontier Natural Products Logo

Frontier Natural Products Co-op
Clint Landis
Norway, IA

Frontier Natural Products Co-op specializes in natural and organic products and is a leading supplier of organic herbs, spices and aromatherapy products throughout the United States and Canada. To visit Frontier Natural Products Co-op, click here.

Todd Kluger, Lundberg Family Farms
Lundberg Family Farms Logo

Lundberg Family Farms
Todd Kluger,
Richvale, CA

Lundberg Family Farms Since 1937, the Lundberg family has been dedicated to caring for the land responsibly and sustainably. Our organic and Eco-Farming methods produce healthful, delicious rice while respecting and protecting the earth for future generations. Today, the spirit of environmental stewardship at Lundberg Family Farms continues to grow with every grain of rice. To visit the farm click here.

Linnea Stenberg, Attune Foods
Attune Foods

Attune Foods
Linnea Stenberg,
Scottsdale, AZ

At Attune Foods, what matters most is what’s inside.  We believe if you use quality ingredients that are consistently crafted with care, what results is food that is naturally delicious and nutritious. Attune Foods is your source for organic and Non-GMO granolas, cereals and snacks. To learn about our bulk granola, please click here:

Mark  Devencenzi, Sun Ridge Farms
Sun Ridge Farms Logo

SunRidge Farms
Mark Devencenzi,
Pajaro, CA

SunRidge Farms is a leader in the manufacture of certified organic and naturally grown nuts and seeds, trail mixes, candies, granola, dried fruits, grains and beans. To visit SunRidge Farms, click here.

Scott Johnson, Trade Fixtures
Trade Fixtures Logo

Trade Fixtures
Scott Johnson,
Little Rock, AR

Trade Fixtures is a leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning bulk food merchandising systems. The company’s products can be found throughout the world. To visit Trade Fixtures, click here.